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About Jeremy Meyer, the creator and owner of LifeEvolvingEveryDay.com…

By age 7, Jeremy had already been forced to move to 3 different states, live in 6 different homes, and had to change schools 5 different times. Plus at that point, his mom already divorced his real father and first step-dad. And he then had to live with his second step-dad who was an intense, angry and alcoholic truck driver. On top of all that, Jeremy was naturally a highly sensitive kid who had to wear dorky glasses starting at 6 years old. So this all caused him to be crazy insecure, crazy shy and crazy nervous in most situations…which had a lastingly negative impact on him for most of his life. 

After struggling in school and bouncing around to a few different colleges…Jeremy finally graduated from the College of Charleston in South Carolina with a Bachelor’s in Psychology. While there, he dabbled in acting, even though he was still painfully shy. The pressure of deciding what to do for a career was always overwhelming to him. So on a whim he decided to move cross country to pursue an acting career in Los Angeles. This pursuit was far more challenging for Jeremy than he has hoped but for years he was determined to make it work. He slowly but surely got better at acting and booked the occasional paid gig. All the while, he was working side jobs he hated and coping with his internal pain by getting drunk by himself every single night. This process ultimately went on for many years.

Along the way, he become increasingly interested in personal development and spirituality. This lead to various small shifts in his personal awareness and confidence. And a few years back, he felt he’d come a long way. But he was still stuck in a crap job and constantly going to acting auditions that rarely paid off. Deep down he knew he needed to find a new career path…but what? His discovery of ayahuasca gave him hope for new answers. He ended up traveled to Peru to attend an ayahuasca retreat. This was truly the most transformative and powerfully impactful experience of his life so far. It massively shifted his consciousness and allowed him to see himself and the world around him in new magnificent ways. This allowed him to live without the urge to get drunk anymore and to ultimately discover passion and purpose.

He has since developed an obsession for increasingly absorbing knowledge and wisdom about what it really means to be a human, how to evolve and grow on an individual basis and how to become as aware, authentic & empowered as possible. And he is now committed to helping as many people as possible to become awesomely authentic.

Now Jeremy is a certified life coach, public speaker and online entrepreneur.

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A Bit of the Lasting Impact of Peru

This brief video will give you a taste of his experience in Peru.