Everybody wants more money right? Everybody thinks of getting more, spending more and saving more. But how many of you ever really think about giving more of your money? This concept can quickly ruffle most people’s feathers but bare with me. But before you completely disregard it, let’s explore tips for manifesting more money by giving.

The Law of Circulation

Have you heard of The Law of Circulation?! This is a universal law about Giving and Receiving. The simple way it works is that when you give regularly, you open yourself up to receive more money. Okay, it probably sounds too easy and too good to be true right?

Well the thing is, this universal law is likely working in your life right now. But you don’t realize it because it’s not happening the way you’d like. Because you can keep all your money. But then this law will likely cause you to end up giving money against your will.

Money Drama

For example, unexpected hospital bills, an increase in your rent or a parking ticket.
Have you ever dealt with this type of financial stress? This was my experience around money for most of my life. I remember so many times where I’d finally get a few extra bucks that I’d set aside for fun but then my crappy car would break down and it’d cost me $1000 or more to get it going again. And then I was back to just scrapping by.
Have you experienced that type of situation? It’s pretty common and it is not fun, right?

Tithe to Relieve the Drama

Let me give you a better understanding of the Law of Circulation. Consider a term that is much more common…tithing. Tithing is the habitual practice of giving back. This is common in spiritual practices and many ancient traditions. This practice is tied to the notion that you should give back a portion of what you receive. You should give it to those who are less fortunate. And there are two benefits of this.

Reason #1

First is that you can experience good feelings tied to buying wonderful new things. And on top of that, these feelings from giving will be more deeply felt in your heart. Plus they will last longer then just buying a new car. So this is part of the reason those who tithe give every month. They intend to continue that cycle of goodness on a regular basis.

Reason #2

The Second benefit is that you can experience money coming back to you in unique ways. I have personally experienced this. For me, manifesting money and goodness has been a bit subtle but absolutely there. And the interesting thing is that I noticed this happening more over the course of last year. Which was the first year I was deliberately donating some of my money to charity. Now I didn’t do it every month but this year I will.

Practical Ways to Think About This Law

To be clear, the law of circulation and tithing is not connected to religion. It can be if that works for you. But consider how it’s tied to the concept of money having a non physical element to it. Which means, your emotions and mindset effect the way money comes in and out of your life.

Let’s consider your mindset and emotions that go in and out of your bank account. If they’re filled with thoughts like, ‘Hey I’ve got enough to share, Hey I’m excited about getting more.’ This will make you feel grateful and you’ll feel like there’s more than enough money to go around. Then guess what, that type of positive energy will manifest more money into your bank account.

Whereas, this is what most people do. They tie their money emotions and mindset to, ‘Oh man, I don’t have enough. Oh man, they took a lot of taxes out of my check. Oh no, after I pay my rent and other bills everything will be tight. I don’t want to pay this.’

So from that mindset, most of your interaction with money and your bank account will be from this negative energy tied to your money. And that alone will cause you to struggle more with money. Does that make sense?

Final Thoughts

Let me ask you, would it feel silly if you paid you bills from a place of gratitude? Like cultivating a feeling of thanks for paying your electricity,  internet, to car payment. Feeling thankful to have a computer, internet and a car. This notion may sound silly but how you think about your money matters. How you feel about your money. How you use your money all effects how money comes back into your accounts and into your life. Start to tie in the act of contributing through the law of circulation. It’s not only gonna start to feel better for you personally, which that alone is huge. But on top of that, you’re gonna start to see things happen for you around money that make your life easier. And for more on this topic, check out ‘The Automatic Millionaire’ by clicking here.

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Tips for Manifesting More Money by Giving

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