2018 just started and if you’re like most people you have a number of things you want to accomplish. And I can bet that one of those things is to get more money, right? We all need money. We all want more money. But few of us are able to make the type of money we desire. There are many reasons for that. And today let’s touch on five steps to more money this year.

Step #1 Decide

You think about money a lot. You stress about money a lot. You spend money all the time. But why haven’t you fully decided to change your financial situation for the better. This is more powerful than most people realize. The simple act of you deciding to make more money this year will push you to find new ways to get more money. This takes conviction, determination and responsibility. But it is completely worth it.

Step #2 Make a List

It’s easy to make lists in our heads and to talk about them. But few people actually write out lists of their goals and plans. So do that about your money goals. Sit down and write out how much you want to make this year, what you might do with more money and possible ways for you to get more of it. Make a list of at least 10 money goals. Go up as high as 15 but at least 10. For a great book with many ideas of how to make money…Click here.

Step #3 Visualize

Next, you want to go through your list and visualize each one. Really picture in your head what it would look like for you to accomplish that. Like if you put on your list to pay off all your debt this year…picture getting your credit card statements and the balance is zero. That’d be nice right. Whatever it is, sit and visualize it coming true as vividly as you possibly can.

Step #4 Feel As If

Now you want to feel the feelings of that money goal already being accomplished. Ideally, while you are visualizing it, do your best to cultivate the feelings associated with this being true for you. Like if your one goal was to make over $100,000 this year for the first time, what would that feel like for you? How good will it feel to earn that much money? What could you do with that income that you can’t do now? Where would you go on vacation with that extra money?

Step #5 Get to Work

It’s now time to take action. While sitting around feeling good about these goals and picturing them in your head feels good. It’s not enough. If that was all we had to do, then I’d of gotten random checks in the mail for millions of dollars long ago. The last element is that you have to work toward. This could start by you writing out an action plan to accomplish those money goals. This could be by attending a money making seminar. Or by researching investing online. Either way you must put in effort and take continuous action be able check those money goals off your list.

This is really a simple process for making more money. The details will vary on what you specifically are looking to achieve but it is a fairly straight forward approach. And having a plan and approach is a huge thing. I never did for most of my life and that’s why I was broke into my early 30s. Partly cause I didn’t know how to manage or save my money. And if you want an app that gives you an easy way to do that. Click here (You’ll get $5 just for downloading it.)

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5 Steps for Making More Money in 2018

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