It’s kind of nutty but we all have an inner critic in our heads. This is the voice in your head that tells you not to talk to that pretty girl. It tells you you’re not ready. You’re not good enough. That you’re kidding yourself with big dreams. Well, here I want to share some top tips for quieting that inner critic. And if you follow these types of tips, you will eventually find your inner critic practically non-existent.

1. Notice Your Negative Thoughts

We can all agree that we have inner critics. But what mine used to say to me is very different than what yours says to you. So the first step is to identify the specific types of thoughts your critic is causing to cycle through your head.

Notice when you get angry, frustrated or sad…what types of negative thoughts pop into your head. Notice when you look in the mirror…what types of negative thoughts pop into your head. Notice when you consider big dreams you want to accomplish…what types of negative thoughts pop into your head.

Because if you don’t recognize what your inner critic is saying to you; then you won’t be able silence that negative bastard.

So notice what some of those specific thoughts are and then write them down.

2. Recognize The Critic is Not Really You

Your inner critic is rooted in your ego. And your ego is focused on the surface world around you. The ego is obsessed with how people perceive you. How you are accepted or not accepted by others. How you fit in. So the ego is based in desperately trying to fit in and be accepted. And that is why the critic is so negative cause he’s constantly comparing you to those around you as if you’re not enough. But that is ultimately bullshit.

You have an authentic self deeper within you who you haven’t yet connected with. And as you realize the critic is rooted in lies created by the fear based part of your ego…then you are on your way to connecting to your authentic self.

Your authentic self will help you connect with others and find more success. But it will do it from a place of love and acceptance of yourself first. And this will project out a greater ability to love and accept those around you.

3. Replace the Negative Thoughts

Next you want to replace those automatic negative thoughts the critic has been repeating to you. A great way to do this it with affirmations or positive ‘I am’ statements. Now there are three components of affirmations. You need to utilize all three of these components to make affirmations successful…

First is the words. Such as:

I am increasingly authentic and awesome.
I am happy to be constantly learning and growing.
I am smart, strong and secure in who I am.
I am confident.
I am happy
I am successful.

Anything along those lines will do. And the key here is to repeat at least one of these affirmations daily. Repeat it many, many times.

Especially when you notice an automatic negative thought pop in from your inner critic…then you need to think an affirmation. Preferably your should say them out loud to yourself. But this may only be feasible at home.

Either way, the point here is to drown out the inner critic. He’s been in your head as long as you can remember right? So he’ll make you feel stupid about affirmations, he’ll tell you they are not working, he’ll push you to not say them. But you must keep with it. That is how you begin to drown that fucker out.

The second component of affirmations is to visualize you experiencing those words.
For example…visualize how it would look for you being confident, or how it would look for you being completely happy.

And the third component of affirmations is for you to connect with the corresponding feeling.
This one is the most important aspect. Because we operate and connect more based off our emotions than our thoughts. So aim to feel the goodness of being fully confident, feel the goodness of being fully happy. And again, repetition is key with all of this.

Having an inner critic who whispers negative thoughts in your head throughout the day is something most don’t consider. Or if they do, they just tolerate it and feel it’s out of their control. But these three tips alone will get you well on your way to moving past that limiting voice in your head. And there are many more approaches and exercises beyond these tips that will accelerate the rate at which you move past that pesky inner critic.

I appreciate you reading this post. If you enjoyed it…

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3 Top Tips to Stop Your Inner Critic

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