In recent years, minimalism has become a popular buzz word. Many people have connected with the idea that minimalism is now the only way to live. But most seem to think it’s too extreme and over the top. Well let’s look at some ways to get benefits from minimalism without getting rid of everything you own and moving into a tiny house.

You Know Where Your Shit Is

About a year ago I cleaned out my entire apartment and was amazed at how I felt afterward. One simple relief was that I since know where things were. Things that I had often needed but couldn’t find. Things that were buried in drawers or closets that were full of unnecessary shit. This is a big benefit of minimalism.

So getting rid of the unnecessary shit and just keeping what I need and want has been huge. You want to designate specific drawers/areas for specific items. Then there will be no more searching all over for a pair of gloves, a cork screw or a hole-puncher.

You’ll feel a Sense of Accomplishment

Having clutter around your home is very common. But what most don’t realize is how the physical clutter keeps chaos in your life. You may not consciously notice your clutter anymore but just by it being there adds…your stress levels increase.

Because subconsciously you know it should be cleaned up and organized. And when it never is you just feel like there is extra shit to do that will never get done. So cleaning all that up and keeping it organized will bring you a sense of accomplishment that helps motivate you in other areas of life.

You Care More About What You Keep

As you go through the process of cleaning out and minimaliz-ing your place…you will get rid of many things you’ve just held on to. Things that just take up space and don’t bring you meaning or joy. So aim to only keep the items that bring you joy, have real use or utility and ones that have sentimental value.

Like for me, I had so many shirts and clothes that I held onto for years. Clothes that I thought I’d wear again one day but I never did. And just giving those piles of old clothes to the Goodwill not only felt good…it caused me to love and appreciated the clothes I kept more than ever.

It Brings a sense of Calm to Your Home

“A cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind.” Unknown.

When we have a clear, organized and calm physical space around us…we can easily have a clear, organized and calm mind. And this allows our emotions to be more balanced and in our control. You will find more clarity at determining what you want. You will find your thoughts more organized and you will find you emotions are more calm and peaceful.

Wait, just by simplifying your living space, you wonder? Yes. Just from the act of getting rid of tons of crap you never use or don’t want anymore. And organizing and simplifying the stuff you do keep. That alone will bring more calmness and peace to your life.

What I hope you now realize is that you can benefit from the ideas behind minimalism without becoming a full blown minimalist. There is a great documentary about the topic to give you an idea of how this can work. Click here for the trailer.

Think of it like this, have you ever let your counter top get crazy messy and full of random stuff? Then when you finally cleaned it off, you felt good about it?

Well fully cleaning out, sorting out and throwing out stuff from every inch of your home will take that counter top feeling and amplify it times a 1000. Honestly, I am so glad I finally did this a year ago. And if the idea of this sounds daunting and overwhelming…then just start with a closet or a drawer, then go to your desk, and so on. And you might get really into it and spend the next week going through everything you own and throwing out more stuff than you realize you even have. Give it a shot. Trust me…you’ll be glad you did.

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Minimalism Benefits That Last

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