It’s just a week until Christmas. So let me ask you, are you feeling the holiday spirit? I find it’s not as easy as I get a bit older but I make a point to embrace the Christmas spirit. What can you do to get there in the midst of extra stress and not enough time or money? Well, let’s go over three simple options for that.

Think Back to When You Were a Kid.

How awesome was Christmas when we were kids? It was my favorite time of year. And it is actually still my favorite time of year. And while it’s different to be an adult with responsibilities and bills around the holiday season. Why can’t you connect back with some of that goodness from when you were a kid, right now? From when life was more simple for you?

Just take a moment and think back to your fondest memory from a childhood Christmas. What was the gift that excited you the most? What did the tree smell like? Was there a shiny star on top or a glowing angel? How was the weather outside? Was it snowing out?

Really sink back into those memories for a bit. Does that feel good? A little warm and fuzzy in your heart? Now consider this, you can connect with that type of goodness next week too. Because Christmas and the Christmas spirit is all in your heart. And it’s all about feeling that with people you care about. That may sound cheesy and simple but it is so true.

I’ve lived in Los Angeles for 12 years now. And two of those years I wasn’t able to make it back to be with my family in South Carolina. That crushed me. And due to some complications I almost missed out on getting back there this year. But thankfully I’ll be flying back east shortly after I publish this post.

Consciously Be More Friendly

Even with added stress this time of year, you can smile more and be more kind. This may seem tough at first. But the cool thing to notice is that others notice your added kindness and friendliness. And then guess what, they become nicer as a result! What a win-win. So you feel better by making them feel better. So just put out the intention of being more nice and easy going…to clerks at stores, to co-workers, to your family.

Go Easy On Yourself

You likely have added anxiety and stress now cause of the pressure of another year about to end. Well guess what, nobody accomplished everything on their list this year. Nobody did everything they dreamed they’d do by the end of 2017.

And this relates to how Tony Robbins says that people tend to massively over predict what they can do in a year. But they wildly underestimate what they can accomplish in a year.

So cut yourself some slack and realize that you have worked hard. You deserve some downtime with your family. And you will get many wonderful things done in 2018. And consider that by 2028 you will be wildly more successful and fulfilled. So long as you keep putting in the effort.

While the Christmas holiday spirit may seem cornball to you. Please don’t be a Scrooge. What does it hurt to find the freedom and fun in Christmas time? When you were a kid I bet you didn’t have judgement about the holidays…am I right? So aim to strip away that judgement and just enjoy yourself a bit more. Life is not meant to be taken 100% seriously all the time. Especially this time of year. So spread some cheer already.

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