How often do you think about or focus on your heart? Unfortunately, most people only think about their heart when it comes to negative experiences…being heart broken, feeling betrayed, worrying you might have a heart-attack from the stress. Well what if I said your heart is more powerful than you brain? Would you believe it?

The crazy thing is, this is now a proven fact. The heart is about 100,000 times stronger electronically and up to 5,000 times stronger magnetically than the brain. And the HeartMath institute has conducted numerous studies that prove this shocking and exciting statistic.

One detail this has revealed is that when we are stuck in our heads and merely thinking all the time…that we are massively limiting our physiological potential. Potential to be true to our authentic selves. Potential to connect with others. Potential to be at peak levels of physical health.

Part of becoming awesomely authentic is realizing there’s a connection between your mind and your heart. Most people go through life with conflicted feelings between their brain and their heart. They either think they want something but it feels off in their chest. So they hold back from it or only dip their toe it their attempts. Or they feel in their heart something they want but they question it in their brain. That causes them to get scared, so they don’t follow their instincts.

When a person intentionally focuses on their heart and brain working together, they produce far greater benefits than someone just focusing on their brain. And it’s fascinating that studies have shown how these signals and connections between the brain and heart can actually be strengthened with practice. And the benefits of this can be quite incredible.

The Heart Math institute has shown that by attaining positive emotions and effective emotional control you can prolong your physical health and significantly reduce premature mortality.
And you get the most benefits when you achieve…Heart Coherence: which is a state when all your bodies systems are working in harmony, and they work off the rhythm of the heart. This state is maintained by sustained positive emotions, emotions long associated with the word heart: joy, care, gratitude, love….

When you are filled with stress and anxiety, your heart and brain are out of sync, which means all of your bodies systems are out of sync, which means your immune system is lowered, you have less clarity, less ability to concentrate. This is like riding a bike with one foot on the petal and one foot dragging on the ground.

Here is an exercise developed by the Heart Math institute.
Simply Focus your attention on your heart area, and breath a little deeper than normal, breathe in for 5 or 6 seconds and out for 5 or 6 seconds. And while you breath picture your breathe slowly going in and out through your heart area. That’s it.

Just this small act of focusing on your heart will start connecting you more to the power of heart coherence. This exercise is easy and you can do it anywhere.

Use the heart breathing exercise throughout your day, when someone stresses you out, or when you feel angry or overwhelmed….just pause and sink into your heart. This will ground you, center you and allow you to be more in control of your emotions than before. Even doing this for as little as one minute can make a noticeable difference.

This will put you on track for moving past your negative emotions and starting to regularly experience inner peace, joy, love and gratitude.

Some of the benefits of embracing the power of your heart include: increased clarity, taking more action toward what you’re passionate about, and collaborating with others instead of competing.

The bottom line with all this is that most people are unaware of this information. So they are not aiming to connect with their heart & utilize it’s awesome power. But now you can. Just you thinking of this stuff and using that simple exercise will put you in the right direction.

And there are more heart exercises and details from studies at
And as you practice this stuff…you will be well on your way to authentically accomplishing anything you desire deep within your heart. And don’t you want to become awesomely authentic in your daily life?

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Wonderful Ways Your Heart Can Help You Become Awesomely Authentic.

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