What’s your routine when you wake up? How do you get ready for your day? Do you take a shower, have some coffee and then brush your teeth? Anything else? For most of us what we do in the morning has been fairly automatic for years. But a more deliberate morning routine can bring you far more energy, clarity and confidence to fuel your entire day. Wouldn’t that be nice?

For most of my life, my mornings consisted of: sleeping in as late as possible, rolling out of bed not feeling like getting up, consuming lots of caffeine, showering, putting my contacts in and attempting to get through the work or chores I felt forced to do.

It seems most people start their day in a similar manner. With this mentality of just trying to get through their day. And never looking to make the most out of it. This is largely about mindset. So before you decide what you want to accomplish as a morning routine. You must decide to take more control of your days with a stronger mindset.

Granted, we don’t have control over a lot of stuff in life. But you have more control over how you think, feel and react than you likely realize. For example, just training yourself to think with less judgement, less criticism and less negativity will make a big impact in your life. Because, while everyone has automatic negative thoughts (A.N.T.S.) that regularly pop into our heads.

The cool thing is that you can exterminate those ants. Then you’ll not only feel better about yourself and your life but also you’ll get far more accomplished as a result. And you can easily tailor your morning routine to shifting away from those automatic negative thoughts that hold us back.

Okay, as far as setting up your deliberate morning routine…it doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, three to five simple things are enough to create a powerful impact on your attitude and productivity. Just make a list of them, start doing them tomorrow and then do them every morning. This could be: making your bed, doing light exercising and meditating for five minutes. It could be: taking a cold shower, writing for ten minutes, doing breathing exercises and thinking grateful thoughts for five minutes.

Your morning routine should be whatever feels right to you. But if you have trouble deciding what to do…there are many thought leaders who now share what their morning routines are. So you could always try what some of these people do and see how it works for you. Then you can mix and match and try different things. Eventually you’ll find at least a few things that work best to get your morning going.

 Tim Ferriss

You’ll notice that after you regularly do this routine, you’ll be more energized, more confident, more happy, and more ready to take action. This is all about setting the tone for the rest of your day. Cause let’s face it, sometimes you wake up feeling lazy, frustrated and sad. And without the magic of a deliberate morning routine, you’ll carry that negativity throughout your whole day. So this is about not getting stuck in that. Because you do have the ability to shift out of any negativity right when you wake up. It just takes a bit of practice and a bit of effort.

And before long you’ll just pop up and bounce into your morning routine. And then within an hour of being awake you’ll notice yourself feeling more alert and happy than you can remember. This is partly due to the self-pride of accomplishing little tasks first thing when you get up. After all, when you win your morning, you are far more prepared to find ways to win the rest of your day.

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The Magic of a Deliberate Morning Routine

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