What is willpower? It’s our ability to say no to dessert when we’re on a diet. It’s our ability to sit down and write even though we just want to watch tv. It’s our ability to not hit the snooze button. Ultimately willpower is your strength and discipline to do things you know will benefit you…even when you don’t want to do them. But how can we use our willpower to win at life? And how will it benefit us?

To Become More Developed and Successful

Recent scientific studies have proven that willpower is a unique type of intelligence we all share. Think of emotional intelligence. As you become more aware of, connected to and in control of your emotions…you naturally become a more highly developed and evolved person. And it is very much the same with willpower. Ask any highly successful entrepreneur, athlete, or writer. In order to get big success, they had to take more actions that felt difficult in the moment but that they knew would lead to a better life. So watch less tv, eat less fast food, drink less alcohol and take more steps toward what you really want down the road.

To See the Bigger Picture

Think about the bigger picture with your life. Don’t just think about tonight, tomorrow or next week. Consider the you that you want to be in five years. The life you want to live in 10 years. Because getting drunk and hung over every weekend is not gonna lead to a better you and a bigger life. It’s all about what you want. If you’re super happy now and don’t want anything in your life to get better. Cool. But that’s not me. I’m here writing this alone on a Friday night. And in many ways my life has been simple and boring lately. Yet these small sacrifices are leading to bigger things for me. And it gets increasingly easy as you continue to stretch your willpower.


To Lead to More Freedom

More willpower equals more freedom. Let me explain. If you develop more willpower around your money, you’ll end up with more money. And that will lead to more freedom in that area of your life. For example, let’s say you start keeping better track of your money. Then you stop spending as much on coffee and junk food. For some, this can save you $500 or more per month. Would an extra $500 a month make it easier for you to feel more financial freedom? And do you want more freedom in other areas of your life? Or do you want to live for the now, stay broke and stay stuck in your current life position?


To Make Your Confidence Skyrocket

As you incrementally increase you willpower in different areas of you life…you find yourself feeling far more confident. You find far more appreciation and love for yourself. You know deep down you are becoming a better version of yourself. And this can lead to you wanting to step up your willpower game even more. Plus people around you will start to notice. Don’t you want to be super confident while building a better life for yourself?

To Surprise Yourself In Good Ways

As you attempt different ways to expand your willpower, you will end up surprising yourself. This happened for me in many ways. I’ve been surprised how easy it’s been to eat healthy in recent years. I now take cold showers every day. I am now very smart and cautious with my money. These are things I never used to think about or realize I’d benefit from working on. And as you surprise yourself with the positive changes you make…then you’ll move on to other bigger and better positive changes. And those changes will soon become a normal part of your life as well.

Building your willpower and becoming more disciplined may not sound very fun to you. But let’s face it, life is not just about having fun. Feeling good in the moment and having fun is something we should all be able to enjoy. But if that is all you aim for in your life. Well, then you will certainly not achieve anything big and bold. Again, this is all about what you want most. If you are fine with being a weekend warrior and not aspiring to do more than just skate by in your job, then have at it. But this blog is for those who are ready to grow, ready to advance, ready to evolve and ready to shake up their current routine. You must develop your willpower. So consider these ways to win with willpower. And while your at it, come up with some unique ways of your own. And ask yourself, who do you really want to become?

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Wonderful Ways to Win With Willpower

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