It’s nearing the end of another year…so let me ask you. Have you accomplished all your goals this year? Chances are you’re not even close to checking off all the goals on your list for this year. That’s not only okay. That’s totally normal. And that is why I want to talk about acknowledging your little wins along the way.

When January first rolls around, do you make a list of big goals you intend to accomplish that year? Well that is a great way to start off your year. But what most do is just make a list of big general goals for themselves. After that they think about it be great when they hit those goals but they don’t consider all the steps required to get there.

So let me ask you this…Do you break down your goals into small actionable steps? Steps you can get done throughout your upcoming months, weeks or days? Because this is a huge help in truly making progress toward accomplishing your big goals. You must execute small steps along the way.

If you haven’t been consciously doing this so far, don’t worry. I’m sure you’ve still been making some progress toward your goals even still. Take a second and think back on this past year…what are some small things you’ve done to get closer to your bigger goals?

For me, I’ve been writing more blog posts. I’ve been networking more. I’ve learned a lot about internet marketing and used that new knowledge to help move my small business forward in different ways. That may sound big to some of you. But let me tell you, I can still get caught up in comparing myself to people who have hit big success.

On that note, do your best to stop comparing to those around you. Instead, look for inspiration from them. And use that inspiration to motivate you to find your best path. After all, this life thing is not a competition and we all have our own unique and exciting path to figure out and blaze along the way.

So based on that, what small wins have you had this year? Did you want to write a book and you’ve been able to outline the chapters so far? Did you want to travel the world and you were able to set aside $4,000 for that trip? Did you aim to learn a new language and used Duolingo every day to learn new verbs? Whatever it is, recognize it, let it sink in, appreciate it and realize that you are getting closer and closer to those big goals.

As you more acknowledge and appreciate your small wins, you will have increasing amounts of energy to continue toward those goals. And let’s face it, the only way you will accomplish what you want is by continuing to take action toward it being part of your personal success.

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Tips for Acknowledging Your Small Wins in Life

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