When I say execution, I mean the execution of actions needed to advance your life. We have all heard about taking more action as a key to getting more done. But it seems most end up taking action rooted in busy work or stress with no real focus or clarity. Well exploring basic elements of execution can truly help you accomplish far more in less time.

First, you want to weigh your options. Look at what you really want. Because all of us execute actions to some degree every day. But if your actions are general, broad and boring to you…then it will not change your life for the better. So sit down and really consider what you want over the next year, the next 5 years, and the next 10 years. Make a list of the big goals you’d like to accomplish in those timeframes. I’d say focus on: Career, Finances, Relationships & Physical Health.

Once you’ve made a list covering those four areas…then break the goals down into actions steps you can take to work toward them. What can you do in the next three months? What can you do in the next month? What steps can you do in the next week to work toward accomplishing part of those goals?

Now based on this aspect, just start with small steps for now. As you accomplish the small steps, you will gain momentum, and confidence that will help you execute more action toward the bigger steps on your list. Let’s say your big goal is having a successful small business up and running in five years. Awesome! Well if you haven’t executed any action toward that yet and you don’t know exactly the type of business you want to set up. Then a small step for this week could be researching different types of small businesses and making a list of ones that sound most interesting to you.

I did this sort of thing to help me build up to starting my own blog. And initially I just was writing one or two blog posts per month. But now I’m writing three or more posts per week. So it really all starts with executing action toward what you want.

This makes me think of ‘The Secret’ and different self-help books and movies in recent years. A lot of stuff like that has become part of the pop culture. But they tend to give this false impression that you only need to imagine what you want and feel good about it coming true. And then it will magically happen. Well this absolutely is a good thing to explore. But it doesn’t mean you can just imagine all day and then a million dollar check will appear in your mail. That is because the key to increasingly accomplishing what you want is to explore effective elements of execution. In other words, to take tons of action.

Also, keep in mind that your big goals may change and evolve as you do. Right now, what you think you most want in ten years may be very different in two years from now. And that is something you need to learn to accept and flow with. Otherwise, you’ll end up like how I was. I spend nine painful, grueling years pursuing a career as an actor. Deep down it wasn’t the best path for me. I learned from those years of experience. But if I had been able to trust my gut better back then, I would have moved on to other pursuits much sooner. Bare this in mind for yourself and you will save years of heart-ache.

There are many other effective elements of execution that will lead to you advancing your life to more success. It is all about taking action and exploring what makes most sense to you. So why not start right now? After all, it’s almost a new year. And there’s no time like the present, right?!

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Exploring Effective Elements of Execution

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