Have you ever been told, “Patience is a virtue.” Let’s say you were a frustrated about a promotion taking forever or about your partner being slow to take things to the next level. Either way, when someone sticks a ‘you just need to be patient’ vibe in your face…it’s usually the last thing you want to hear.

Well I can relate. I’ve always been impatient. But I want to share with you how I’ve become increasingly patient over the years and how it’s helped me in my life. First off, in our society we are taught to want things instantly. You see that new smart-watch on tv and you want it right now. Then you spend money you shouldn’t to buy something you don’t really need.

Impatience is why most of Americans don’t have a significant amount of savings in the bank. It’s why most of us live for the now in little way, put things on credit and worry about it later. But this habit is exactly what leads to you being broke, stuck in a job you don’t like and impatient to have things change for the better.

I’ve lived this type of scenario throughout my life. And now that I’ve found a career path that is purpose driven I’ve given it my all in this past year. But I just realized that my all has been filled with impatience. I’ve been building, evolving and growing personally and professionally. At the same time, the growth of my small business has been slow. And while I’m grateful for where I am, I’ve had to come to terms with reality recently.

The reality that it’s going to take more time, effort, commitment and creativity to achieve the type of success I desire. Part of my recent struggle was between being super optimistic but not being super realistic. In the sense of not fully accepting how much hard work, risk and time it takes to build a small business that truly thrives. On top of that, it takes patience. So now I’ve come to terms with that and just writing about it makes me feel better.

It completely makes sense right? Let’s say you’re 60 pounds over weight. You’re not gonna work out for just a month and expect to have a UFC six-pack right? Of if you’re $40,000 in debt but only make $60,000 per year, you can’t expect to pay off all that debt in just one year.


So I’ve come to learn that patience is rooted in cold, hard reality. I’ve always been more of a dreamer. In the way that you come up with a dream goal. And you think, well since this is something I really want and feel like I can do…I’ll work toward it and it’d bound to work out. Right? Developing that type of drive, optimism and passion is wonderful. But you can’t expect your dream life to materialize over night.

How about come up with some more details for your big goals? Write them out and create a time line for the next year. After all, like Tony Robbins says, people tend to over-estimate what they can accomplish in a year but massively under-estimate what they can accomplish in a decade. Wouldn’t it be nice for us all to be multi-millionaires a decade from now?! Or maybe even sooner right?! Well, then get to work at it. But remember to be patient and realistic about what it will take to get what you want.

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The Perpetual Need for Patience

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