We all want a better life, right? I mean, who doesn’t look at their life and think, ‘it’d be cool to have more money, more free-time, more fulfilling relationships…a more exciting and fulfilling lifestyle.”

Well, let me ask you…When you think in those ways, How are you thinking about the life you want? Do you look at the rich and successful with envy and frustration? Do you think about the life you want without it seeming like a real possibility? What actions are you taking toward making that dream life…your life?

Many thought leaders talk about the power of execution and progress. And I’ve learned the hard way that execution and progress are major keys to shifting from where you are now to building a life you truly enjoy and appreciate.

Struggle leads to Progress. Progress leads to Strength.Brendon Burchard 

One of the simplest ways to get on this road to success is by increasingly growing and learning. We live in an incredible time with more options and access to information than ever before. Whether you want to learn about neuroscience, personal development, space travel, kite surfing, it doesn’t matter. All you need is an internet connection and some curiosity.

Most people bounce around and look at any random videos or posts that grabs their attention. Well that is a sure-fire way to waste more time, procrastinate and be in the save boat you are not happy with in 5 years or even more.

Instead, pick a topic you most want to learn about. Pick an area of your life you most want to develop growth in. Maybe you dream of building hand-crafted wooden canoes and having a six-pack to give you confidence and super high energy levels. Well then learn as much as you can about those things online and start applying some of what you learn.

I can tell you from years of pain that just chasing money with no real passion in your life is a recipe for disaster and depression. As I bounced from job after job just hoping for a big pay day, I was miserable inside. And I just got deeper in debt and stayed broke. The highlight of my day was getting drunk in front of the tv, by myself. And this sad cycle went on for years and years.

You have to decide. Do you want to be like the average person? The average person who blames, judges, and plays the victim. Well I believe you are not average. You have far more to offer the world. Far more to offer yourself. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this.

You just have to decide to increasingly grow and learn. Then, as you look inside yourself and find the best ways for you to grow and learn…you’ll quickly be on a new road to success and satisfaction.

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The Importance of Increasingly Growing & Learning.

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