Have you ever had a day where you’re constantly drowsy? You try to perk up and wake the hll up but nothing seems to do the trick. You might think you just need more sleep or a vacation. Well chances are you’re so busy that you can’t take a vacation or get back in bed. How about some simple ways you can gain extra energy in a matter of minutes? Try one of these five things below and see how your clarity and focus jump you back on track.

1. Get Moving.

Usually when we’re tired, we feel physically lazy right? It’s easy to feel like lying down and napping for awhile. But what about when you have a lot of shit you need to do? You could push through and drag ass all day. But instead get yourself more awake with some quick physical activity. Whether it’s burpees, pull-ups, jogging in place, jumping on a mini-trampoline, or climbing a tree…there are lots of easy ways to get moving. (Depending on what you have access to in that moment.) And just getting your body moving will increase the blood flow to your heart and brain while helping you feel more alert. Keep this to light activity though. Max 10 minutes. You don’t want to do Cross-fit for hours and end up puking four times like I did once. No fun.

2. Cold Shower.

This idea may sound crazy. I get that. But there is incredible evidence of the massive benefits of taking cold showers. I myself have been regularly taking cold showers for close to a year. Even just starting with 20 seconds or so can do the trick. For me, I now set a timer for a 3 minutes cold shower. Works like a charm to get you energized and ready to conquer your day. Plus you feel like a modern warrior preparing to go into battle. (Benefits of cold showers revealed.)

3. Nootropics.

Nootropics are super vitamins which increase blood flow to your brain. I have used these types of supplements off and one for awhile. And they make a huge impact on my clarity, focus and ability to get shit done. There are many different types of nootropics out there. These new advancement in supplemental science are helping tons of people around the planet be far more productive. I recommend Alpha Brain by Onnit. Qualia is good too but it’s like twice as expensive. Do a bit of research, sample a few and see which you prefer.

4. Breathing Exercises.

Lots of people have horrible breathe control. In fact, most people never spend any time thinking about or focusing on their breathing. Practicing breathing deep and controlling your breathe is hugely beneficial to your health. You’ll feel better physically, mentally and emotionally. Plus you will have more energy as a result from utilizing breathing exercises. (Click to learn Wim Hof’s amazing breathing exercises.)

5. Watch Inspiring Videos.

What do you watch on Youtube? There is so much video content on Youtube, it’s easy to get lost in the mindless crap. While that stuff can be fun, it rarely adds to your productivity and energy levels. Well, how about you start watching videos meant to inspire, motivate and help you dominate your life. (Check out this Youtube channel for great content.)

I think anyone who is a motivated high-achiever hopes for high energy and focus all the time, right? But the fact is, it’s hard to maintain that type of energy and focus with the unpredictability of our modern world. Well instead of blaming the world or getting mad at yourself for dealing with low energy…try some of the things I just mentioned. And by all means get creative and look for other ways to crank up your energy levels so you can be powerfully productive.

5 Tips for Extra Energy When You Need It Most.

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