Consciousness and conscious living are terms that are being talked about more and more lately. Conscious living relates to becoming aware of your mind, your thoughts, your feelings and how you interact with the world around you. Consciousness relates to all of that but on an even bigger and more expansive scale. We don’t have to get into details to grasp that expanding your consciousness is partly about personally evolving to help yourself and everyone around you. Let’s look at some ways you can easily and effectively expand your consciousness.

Notice Your Thoughts

Most people don’t think about they way they think. Just beginning to pay attention to how you think will raise your level of awareness. You want to notice any automatic thoughts that repeat in your head. This could be judgements about family or co-workers. Or maybe self-criticism about your abilities or looks. We’ve all experienced these types of thoughts. The problem is that when they become automatic we often don’t notice them or just accept them as the way things are. Next time you have a negative thought…pause, then ask yourself, ‘What was the reason for thinking that?”. “Is there any truth to that thought?” Just asking yourself that will quiet a bit of the critical chatter in your head and allow yourself to be more aware of that sort of self sabotage. Gary Zukav does a great job teaching people to better understand and control their thoughts. Click to learn more about his work.

What Are Your Go-To Emotions

Throughout the day we all experience a variety of emotions. Even if you are a happy-to-lucky person, you are not 100% happy all day, every day. Everyone’s emotions fluctuate but at the same time, you have a certain go-to range of emotions. It could be between anger and depression. But maybe it’s between gratitude and joy. You want to start paying attention to what your go-to emotions are. If you are on the more negative side of the spectrum most days…then find new ways to focus your attention, energy and effort. For example, you could think back to a happy memory while looking at old photos. The first step is checking in with how you feel on a regular basis. And then finding ways to shift to the positive side of how you want to feel on a regular basis. You deserve to be happy and free. And you don’t need more money, power or friends to feel more happy and free.

Music & Marijuana

The deeper vibes of quality music taps right into your heart and soul. Create a play list of songs you loved as a kid but haven’t heard in a long time. Find a quiet, safe and comfortable space and listen to those songs. I mean, really listen to them…feel them. Then do that another night but after you take a toke of marijuana. Oh but just before, say an intention to yourself. Something like, “I aim to expand my consciousness and sink into the visceral meaning of these songs.” That will cause you to have an experience with the music and marijuana like never before. Most people, never use weed for introspection and personal growth. But I can tell you first hand, that it can powerfully advance your development. If used intentionally, safely and not all the time. Click here to learn more about cannabis connecting you to higher levels of consciousness.

How Does Your Body Feel

It’s easy to feel like you are separate from or stuck in your body. Maybe you’ve heard the phrase “stuck in this meat suit.” I get where that comes from but that is total victim mentality. When was the last time you really noticed the unique and wonderful aspects of your body? Do you ever try to feel physically better by eating more healthy? Sit down one day and truly consider the unique nature of your body. It is yours and completely unique to anyone else’s. Yet our bodies work the same, they automatically breathe, turn our food into energy, heal when we get cut. Isn’t that and many other aspects of the human body miraculous?! I certainly have come to think so. When you increasingly connect more with and appreciate your body…you in turn expand your consciousness. Here is a link to 6 exercises to help connect you to your body.

If you think about it, without our consciousness…we wouldn’t be alive. We wouldn’t be able to operate our bodies, we wouldn’t be able to read, we wouldn’t be aware of any of the complexities of life. Has that notion ever made you wonder? It can quickly become fascinating when you start to explore those types of concepts. And the truth is, the more you explore…the more you realize there is more to this life and world than meets the eye. More going on, in magnificent and exciting ways. So if you desire a life of more…on all levels than start to explore and expand your consciousness.

Easy Ways to Expand Your Consciousness

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