Are you working on a big goal? Trying to get that business up and running, looking to get your a new house build, or maybe you’re trying to lose 100 pounds. Whatever it is, you probably keep hitting bumps in the road and those bumps are often more like massive boulders. Sometimes it can seem like you’re moving two steps back when you make a mistake. Well, I doubt anyone told you it would be easy. Here’s a top notch way to help put your nose to the grind and make it happen…use your perseverance. It will allow you to dig deep and keep making incremental advances toward your dream goals.

1. Remind Yourself…People Have Your Back

Even if you are mostly working on your big project by yourself…you have people in your corner supporting you and counting on you. Plus many people will come to your help; if you just ask. Maybe start a mastermind group, or join a mastermind group. And just keeping in more regular contact with those you know and care about can put a bit of wind back in your sails. Remember, no one ever built a city all alone. (Click here for upcoming networking events.)

2. Find Ways to Reset

It is very common to get burnt out, stressed out and overwhelmed when you’re pouring your heart and soul into something you truly want to pan out. So it’s really helpful to have some healthy go to activities for those times when shit doesn’t go smoothly at all. So aim to adjust your state of mind in little ways to be more focused, determined and productive. You could take a cold shower, go on a short bike ride, drink a fruit smoothie or go to lunch with a friend. (Read this article on the benefits of cold showers.)

3. Decide to Succeed No Matter What

Have you worked on past projects and given up when it was too tough or took too long? Most people have. Well, you should make this time different. Apply what you learned from you past struggles and failures and work smarter this time. Of course there will be set backs but a key approach is just to decide. Decide you will be successful. Forget that ‘I’ll just try it’ mentality because that’ll lead to you never really accomplishing anything you are deeply proud of. If you want it bad enough, decide it’s worth the time and effort. Then go and make it happen!

4. Do Something Today

If you don’t feel like taking any action toward that dream goal today…just do something small. Something is far better than nothing they say. And something small completed is far better than something worried about being perfect. It’s easy to want to be perfect with all your work and actions. Face it, you are not perfect and accept that…that’s okay. No one is. And taking some steps each day will build momentum and make the process get easier. Just one boot in front of the other…

5. Use Your Willpower

Become friends with your willpower. Willpower is actually a line of intelligence we all call strengthen and build like a muscle. The super successful people you see on interviews have developed strong willpower to do what needs to be done. They have setbacks but they dust off their shoulders and truck ahead. Try and experiment with your willpower in different areas of your life. Aim to go a day without spending any money, juice for an entire day, go a week on an hour less sleep than normal, or even work an extra hour a day toward your big dream. (Click here for simple exercises to boost your willpower.)

6. Center Your Emotions

Heavy, negative emotions are usually the main reason for not persevering. A lot of times when the pursuit of success gets too tough people will say, ‘Screw this, I’d rather get drunk with my buddies.’ Then they make up excuses and wonder why they’re in the same position 5 years down the road. There are healthy ways to shift your emotions from crappy to good. Try breathing exercises, meditation, watching motivational videos, going into nature and so on. Just do your best to stop picking up a bottle, a cigarette or gallon of ice cream in an attempt to feel better. Instead, have that type of stuff once in awhile as a reward for actually accomplishing something.

No matter what you are working toward…perseverance will get you over the hump if you want it badly enough. Dreaming about winning the lottery or having a sugar mamma/daddy can be fun. But let’s face it…victory is sweet when you truly earn it. Would it have meant as much to Michael Jordan if he was just handed NBA championship rings without playing in the games? Would it have mattered as much to Richard Branson if he was just handed a billion dollars instead of building his businesses and earning it? Or course, not. So put in so effort. Your future self will thank you later. And in the words of Kevin Hart, “Everybody wanna be famous but don’t nobody wanna do the work.” So put in some work already.

6 Simple Ways to Persevere

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