We all have the desire to feel significant to help create more reason for taking action each day. At the same time,  I bet you have had a job that caused you to not want to take any action at all except vegetate in front of the tv. Maybe you’re stuck in that crappy, soul draining job right now and don’t know what to do. Well, here are some ways to feel more of a sense of purpose and enjoyment in your life.

Think Back to Being a Kid

What did you do as a kid that was crazy fun at the time? Maybe you climbed trees with friends and pretended you were the town zombie look out. Or maybe you rode your bike all around your neighborhood imagining you were exploring the entire world. Is there something like that you haven’t done in years but sounds fun when you think about it? If so, go out there and do it. Or at least find something along those lines to do. That will get your mind off the things in your life that drive you bonkers and drain your energy. And that will open up some joy, passion and purpose for you. Shouldn’t part of your purpose be about finding light, fun moments to feel free? (Click for ideas on how to tap into your inner child.)

Personal Tests & Willpower

Test your will power and stretch your comfort zone. Your comfort zone may feel good and safe but when you stay in it regularly you end up trapped where you don’t want to be. Stretch that comfort zone with little personal tests. Take a cold shower, talk to that hot guy or girl in the Starbucks line, ride that roller coaster that scares the shit out of you. Whatever it is…these types of experiences will increase the variety and excitement in your life. And that will boost your confidence and creativity. (Click for great ways to boost your willpower.)

Stop focusing on your Job

You hate you job. I get it. Most people are stuck in jobs that make them feel like a shell of a person. But part of the problem is, most people place too much meaning and identity on what they do in exchange for money. Whether you are a chef, a nurse, a mailman, a clerk, a bank owner or a janitor…these positions don’t define who you are. So take some time to stop worrying about or stressing about your stupid job. Because you have so many other talents and desires within you that will give you meaning and purpose. Start to explore those desires. Or at least try new things you think you might like. Focus on the people around you, give more, try new hobbies or new ways to be healthy. Whatever it is, this type of searching and exploring just might lead to a new career you can’t even see the possibility of right now. (Click here for other things to consider if you hate your job.)

Help a Cause Bigger than Yourself

When was the last time you volunteered? Or have you ever volunteered for anything? A lot of times when you feel a lack of purpose in your life…it’s cause you are too focused on your small bubble that makes up your job and simple situation. Ultimately, you are too focus on just yourself. But think for a moment about all the large scale situations and major problems in the world. Wouldn’t it make you feel more purpose to help the homeless or plant a tree at a community center or read to blind students? Go out and be part of making a difference for a big cause and you will be amazed the level of fulfillment and purpose you’ll experience. (Click here for 65 ideas on volunteer opportunities.)

Get Some Gratitude

You hear about this one a lot. Over the years, I tried to have gratitude for the way things are. But it wasn’t until recent years that I was able to truly experience deep levels of gratitude. Just sit and think about how your body is breathing automatically right now. And how you stomach and intestines digest your food and turn it into energy for you to enjoy and appreciate your life. Just your body itself is incredible and magnificently miraculous in many ways. We just take it for granted like so many other things. There are millions of people living around the world right now who don’t even have electricity or running water. Try and truly appreciate what you have and who you are right now. That alone will give you more purpose and connection. (Click for 111 things to be grateful for.)

As you explore areas for more meaning and purpose in your life…you will inevitably find increasing amounts. Purpose is about far more than just your job and money. Buddha said, “Your purpose in life, is to find purpose.” So finding more requires effort and searching. It is not gonna hit you on the head one day as you walk to the 7-11. I suggest you stop buying lottery ticket and start trying new and different things that sound interesting to you. You have more purpose than you may realize now…you just have to go and discover it.


How to Cultivate More Sense of Purpose

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