This is an important topic because most people only live life through what they see and experience with their 5 senses. Think of the quote, “I have to see it to believe it.” Well living just from that perspective is extremely limiting. Because Intuition works on a more heightened level of consciousness and it’s like an extra sense you can develop, and cultivate the power of. Which means, it’s not like just smelling bacon cause it’s being cooked near when you walked by. It’s more subtle and unique than that. Here are some simple ways to heighten your intuition.

Quiet Your Mind

Often your mind will run wild with ideas of what seems best for you at that time. The problem is the mind ends up running on auto pilot and negatively reacting to it’s surrounding. So you can end up ignoring those intuitive painful feelings you and just push past. Or you start to think these shitty feelings are just normal and will always be there. Start to practice slowing and stopping your thoughts. The challenge is, you probably think you can’t stop thinking because, well you haven’t ever really tried. Thinking comes from the brain, which tends to only focus on your immediate surroundings and experiences. But your intuition has more expansive wisdom than that. Connecting with it can be done in many ways. Meditation is one of the straightforward ways, which can make a profound difference in your life.

Harness the Power of Your Heart

As you bring stillness to your mind, take time to listen to and connect with your body, especially your heart. While our modern society considers the self to be centered in our heads…most cultures and ancient wisdoms show the center of being/self as emanating from your Heart. The heart has been proven to be the actual center of our being from The HeartMath institute. As you aim to connect more with your heart, you inevitably connect more with the power of your brain. And this process will actually help to balance your entire body and every one of your physiological systems within it. There’s some fascinating evidence to support this. Studies have shown that a heart regularly experiencing positive emotions is far more healthy than one stuck in negative emotions. And this all ties to intuition, resilience, and inner peace. Click here for a simple exercise to tap into your heart, created by the HeartMath Institute.

Loosen Your Grip on Your Life Plans

Aim to loosen your tight grip on the notion that you have to figure everything out right now. Or that you have to freak out when things don’t go how you expect. The truth is we don’t fully know what is best for us if we are only using our head. But your heart allows you to sink into inner guidance and inner wisdom that we have been taught is just for fairy tales.
Harnessing the power of your heart and intuition is about starting to let go of your controlling side and accepting that you don’t have all the answers now. And accepting that as okay and allowing yourself to be open to some guidance from your inner wisdom. This will all open you up to the life that is waiting for you, instead of the life you’ve been trying to force into place.
And just deciding to go that route will open you up to so many more possibilities. It can truly create magnificent results in your life.

Pause Before You React to a Negative Situation

Can you remember a time when someone pissed you off and you reacted immediately? Chances are you yelled at the person, you flipped them off, and you may have even punched a hole in a nearby wall. (I’ve been there. Bad fit of a roommate. Not my finest days) Well those types of reactions come from wounded parts of our personality. You sure can continue to react in those ways. But when you pause as that anger hits you…and then you don’t let yourself outwardly react in the old ways. This will give you more awareness and control of your emotions. At the same time, you will become more in tune with your intuition. In those moments, ask yourself something like, “how can I react the best for everyone in this situation?”. This will lead to more compassion for others and for yourself. Click for free helpful tools in this area, provided by author Gary Zukav.

Eventually you will regularly experience intuitive knowing about things you just can’t deny, like, what to eat, what event to attend, what house to buy, who to spend time with, how to make more money. And I’m sure you’ve experienced levels of this knowing in the past, you had a weird feeling about someone…you later learned was a criminal, you had a great feeling about attending an event and then you met someone who became a very close friend, or you thought of someone right before they called or texted you. Why not fine tune and expand these innate abilities we all share? It might just make your daily life increasingly more enjoyable, connected and successful.

How to Fine Tune Your Intuition

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