Did you realize that majority of people’s issue with time is not due to time management? It’s actually due to self-management. That’s right, the way you relate to and think about time will completely impact how you experience time. For example, do you ever think, “There’s just not enough time…”? As you let that thought sink into your sub-conscious, you end up feeling like you are always fighting the clock. Well, let’s look at some ways to move past that struggle.

What’s Your Morning Ritual?

Do you start off your day in a frenzy? Where you have just enough time to throw yourself together and rush out the house? This is quite common and really not a fun way to get up and at ‘em. Most high achievers have a morning ritual to ground them in healthy habits. Plus it starts their day off with productivity. It’s doesn’t have to be much. Try things like: write for 5 minutes, meditate for 5 minutes, stretch, make your bed, eat a light, healthy breakfast. You may be surprised how quickly you become more of a morning person. Just give some new, healthy morning rituals a shot.
“Win the morning, Win the day.” Tim Ferriss and his morning rituals.

Chunk Your Priority Goals

Just having a to-do list can be overwhelming and stressful. Because, let’s face it, we never get our entire list finished in the time frame we want. Instead why not, categorize your list? Pick 3 or 4 categories to chunk your list into. So for example, you can have: Career, Personal, Relationships, and Impact. Those are merely suggestions. You can have any category you want. The main idea here is to notice the most important goals in your categories for that week. This allows you to find more clarity and vision for what you most need and want. (Click for details on chunking.)

Learn to Ride the Wave of Time

Learning to truly relax and enjoy your downtime is a beautiful achievement. Working hard to attain success and reach your dreams is a powerful place to operate from. But don’t forget to breathe and take in the little moments along that journey. An easy way to do this is by taking time each day to calm your mind. This could just be from a brief meditation. And that will quiet the busy, stressful, negative thought swirling around your head. Then enjoy a simple activity. Say, listen to a song you love, ride your bike, climb a tree. Whatever it is, you want to focus on and appreciate the subtleties of that experience. That way, you shift your mind away from your worries, doubts, fears, etc. And you’ll experience that time more fully so it will actually feel like a longer period of time than it is. (Click for more ways to go with the flow.)

Set an Intention with Your Time

Just before you commit to hours of work, tell yourself, “For the next two hours I intend to be as productive and focused as possible.” And then when you are chillin’ out, tell yourself….”Yeah baby it’s chill time and I’m gonna enjoy it.” Or something to that effect. The point is, you want to get shit done while being able to enjoy yourself and have some fun free time as well. Setting an intention is a wonderful yet simple way to get better at those two sides of the time coin. (Click for steps to setting your intentions.)

You want to get to where time serves you. Aim to stop serving time and trying to chase the clock. Try to operate from a place of power with your time. This will allow you to be super productive while having more free time. Then you can enjoy that free time more because you will be less stressed. Sounds pretty good right? Well, the clock is ticking. =)

How to Get More Out of Your Time

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