What is courage? Essentially courage is the ability to act even though scared or uncertain. Courage is a powerful quality to cultivate. The more often you exercise it…the more courageous and bold you become. And that leads to you hesitating far less and feeling far less fear when you act. Here are four simple ways to have more courage.

Set Personal Tests

Testing yourself in small ways will test your levels of courage. And it will expand your comfort zone. Stretching the boundaries of your comfort zone is a wonderful way to discover more courage within you. Here are some easy yet powerful personal tests to try: take a cold shower, ask out someone you just met, ask you boss for a raise, fast for one day or longer. As you test yourself in these types of ways, you will also find you levels of self pride increase. That will also fuel you in many other areas. Click for more ways to escape your comfort zone.

More Mindfulness

We hear this term a lot now. Mindfulness is relating to becoming more aware…aware of yourself, your thoughts, your emotions and so on. Meditation is a great start for this. Evaluating your day and how you can learn from it is another. Aiming to take an objective look at your life from the view of how others see you is yet another. These practices will lead to more courage as well as more self-awareness which are both immensely valuable to becoming a more evolved person. Click for more mindfulness tips.

Put Yourself In Other’s Shoes

How often are you fully curious when talking to someone? Next time you interact with someone…aim to be fully engaged and curious. Do this even if it’s just a barista at a coffee shop. Because the more curious you get about others you talk to…the more able you are to courageously connect. This will help you to experiment with how you think and talk. So then your automatic negative thoughts will not get in the way as much because you will be less focused on what the person thinks about you. You want to be focused on them and how to brighten their day. Pretty simple but takes practice for sure. Click for a more scientific look at putting yourself in someone’s shoes.

Think Less, Act More

How many times have you thought about doing something but then end up talking yourself out of it? That is very common but not conducive to a rich, full life. The part of yourself that talks you out of that action is the part of you that is scared to take risks and scared to step out of your comfort zone. Thinking and planning before you act is a good thing. But when you think in circles and convince yourself not to take action…that is ultimately harming you. Stretch your ability to take courageous action in these situations. Click for five ways to take more action.

It seems most of the world is like the lion in the Wizard of Oz where we don’t think we have courage. The truth is, that courage is already there within you. Just because you haven’t used it much doesn’t mean it is not available to you. And the beauty is, the more you utilize your courage, the more natural it is to take bold action. And then you’ll be increasingly more confident, empowered and successful. Go get ’em tiger…or should I say lion. =) 

How to Have More Courage in All Areas of Life

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