Have you ever thought you should be more disciplined in certain areas? But then you think, screw that, I deserve these beers, this extra sleep, this porn session, or whatever it is. What if you followed through with that initial urge to be more self-disciplined? Would your life end up being more full and free? I’m here to say yes and show you how to create that freedom. A bit more self-discipline can lead to lots more of what you really want. 

Time management = More Time Overall

It never seems like you have enough time does it? Well have you ever tried to really make more time for yourself? Being more serious and respectful of just a bit more of your time is a start. You could get up one hour earlier than normal. Then with that first extra hour…you do some things you’ve been meaning to. You do some light exercise. You could write in that journal for five minutes. You could meditate for five minutes. You could make your bed. You could eat a healthy breakfast and take your vitamins. Do this type of stuff often enough at it becomes the first hour of your day, every day. Then you end up with more time at the end of your day to truly relax. 

Money Management = More Money

Do you want to go on a vacation? But is it hard to find the money to make that trip a reality? There is a fairly simple way you can see the sights sooner than you think. Get more disciplined with how you spend you money. We all spend money we don’t think about. Or more accurately we all waste money without realizing it. Make coffee at home instead of Starbucks. Cook dinner at home instead of going to a restaurant. Buy less video games. If you really track you money; then you can take small steps to saving more of it for the bigger and better experiences. And don’t bigger things sounds better than more McDonald’s and Maker’s Mark? (Link to a great book on mastering your money.)

Tackle Your Thoughts 

Do you ever think yourself in circles? That can lead to stress, anxiety and overwhelm. You can change that in a pretty straight forward way. Train yourself to think more direct, optimistic, empowering thoughts. It will take lots of discipline at first and may feel like you’re fooling yourself. But as you stick with it, your self-discipline will pay off. Because the automatic thoughts in your head will become wonderful. Things like: “I am shining my passion, creativity and greatness.” “I am increasingly healthy, happy and successful.” “Abundance and purpose flow to me effortlessly.” Or just “I can do anything.” Don’t those sound like super solid, go-to thoughts?

Explore Emotions for Emotional Freedom

It can be easy to feel like we have no control over our emotions. The simple truth is that you just haven’t learned how to. Some awesome shifts will happen as you learn and take the discipline to understand and control your emotions. This discipline will help you to get less caught up in shitty emotions. And then you will experience more and more beautiful, positive emotions. This will give you a sense of freedom from regularly feeling gratitude, happiness and love. (Ways to attain emotional freedom.)

Get a Grasp on Giving

It can be easy to feel like we don’t have enough to give away. You see a homeless person and feel for them. But you know your money is tight so you don’t give to them. You think of giving that good waiter a big tip but you don’t feel like you can afford the extra cash. The irony is that the more you give and share…the more good things will be given and shared with you. That relates to money, compliments, love, smiles or whatever else. Give with the notion in your heart that there is enough of anything and everything you want to share. This is the true abundant nature of our planet. (Click to watch “Abundance Code” trailer).

In general, one main reason for someone achieving big success is their discipline. It will allow you to feel more confident for completing small wins. Then you can increasingly apply will power to all areas of your life. And it will eventually allow you more freedom in those areas when you aim for that along the way. This is one area we all have the ability to strengthen. And as you do so, your life will only get better, not worse. In the end, a better life is more attainable than it may seem. (Some other advantages of self-discipline.)

Tips to Create Freedom with Self-Discipline

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