Do you think it’s good for you to constantly sweat the small stuff? If you said no, then let me ask you something else. Why do you keep doing it? We pretty much all know it is unhealthy to stress out about little shit. But most of us have become conditioned to do so throughout our entire day. The beauty is that you have the power to change that pattern while reaping tons of benefits.

More Enjoyment

Have you ever been on a vacation enjoying the carefree flow of time? Wouldn’t it be nice to carry that vacation vibe along all of your days? That is essentially what happens when you learn not to sweat the small stuff. You can be productive while enjoying yourself.

Better to Be Around

Did you ever work with a guy who is frantic, antsy and always worried? That used to be me. And no-one really like my company cause I was always freaking out about little things. The opposite will be true as you move past the sweating of the small stuff. It is so much more pleasant to be around someone who casually goes with the flow. And you can still be successful while operating from that peaceful place.

Reduce Stress

When you don’t sweat the small stuff, you go about things in a much more chill manner. As you approach life from more of that easy-going way, you feel calm inside. Because of that your entire body chemistry alters in a good way. That means, your stress levels drop in a massive way. Stress is a major factor in causing death and disease around the world. That should be enough of a reason to aim to not sweat the small stuff. (Click here for tips on reducing your stress.)

Increased Self-Confidence

Have you ever looked at a ‘problem’ as an opportunity to learn and grow? That approach alone will decrease your sweating of small stuff. Plus it will build your self-confidence cause it will allow you to go about life as if everything can help you to advance and grow. Increasing your confidence makes increasing your levels of fulfillment and success far more easy as well. (Click here for 19 ways to conquer low self-esteem.)

Increased Problem Solving Ability

Did you ever write a paper for school when you were in a good mood? Much easier to complete than when you are stressed out right? Problems are much easier to figure out when you are not freaking out about small shit. It could be problems with family, work or even just what you should eat. Making decisions becomes so much smoother when you are not full of anxiety and stress. Partly cause your confidence is higher and you have more clarity around what you should do next.

Able to Help Other People 

Do you like helping others and making their lives better? Well that is far easier for you to do when you are chill and not stressing over the small stuff. Let’s say your friend needs your advice about some relationship issue. If you are in a relaxed mental and emotional state, than you will be much more willing to give advice. And your advice will be far more likely to make a positive impact on that friend. Coming from a laid-back positive frame of reference when dealing with others is hugely helpful. (Click here for ideas on helping others.)

Live a Longer & Healthier Life

It is proven that the less stress you have the longer you live. Which means, the less you sweat the small stuff, the longer and healthier your entire life will be. Isn’t that alone a big enough incentive to find new approaches to less stress and anxiety? Many people think that living until you are 90 or older sounds scary. Well it doesn’t have to be. If you find new ways to better yourself and your life now…than you will end up living longer and with more energy than you may have ever thought possible. (Click here for more simple ways to live longer.)

Obviously there are numerous benefits of not sweating the small stuff. Our modern lives are full of noise and constant information. But it’s helpful to limit the information clutter that you get bombarded with. Try to cut back on the amount of hectic entertainment, advertisements and news you subject yourself to. That also will help how you handle the small stuff. Go out and practice different ways to limit your stress and anxiety. Trust me, it’s worth the effort.

Lasting Benefits of Not Sweating the Small Stuff

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