Do you get stressed out easily? Does being highly stressed just seem like a normal part of your life? Well it’s possible to reduce your stress and other shit emotions while getting to know yourself better. Working to increase your self awareness will help balance out so many of your thoughts and feelings. In turn this will lead to more deliberate goal setting and action taken.

Cultivate More Self-Discipline

What is one thing people who are successful and self-actualized have in common? They have spent lots of time developing their self-discipline. As you become more self-disciplined, you find pride in challenging yourself. And you are able to push past your perceived limits. The irony is, the more self-disciplined you become, the more freedom you will attain.

Start to Keep Track of Your Life Details

It’s easy to type a journal entry on your computer. But I find it even easier to turn on the voice memo recorder on your phone and start speaking your mind. This is an exercise in being open and expressing your thoughts and feelings in that moment. This is just for you; so don’t worry about anyone else hearing it. And years down the road from now you can revisit the entry and see how you’ve grown in self-awareness.

Don’t Accept Shit Feelings or Thoughts as the Way You Are

You want to learn how to fly a plane one day? Maybe that mere question caused you to think…I can’t do that. It’s too expensive. It’s too dangerous. Or whatever other excuses and fear based thoughts. If you have the urge to do something and part of you really truly wants to accomplish it; evaluate the side of you that is saying it’s not possible or that causes you to get scared at the idea. Cause to truly get ahead and live a dream life, you have to push yourself. You have to understand yourself. You have to be willing to go outside of you comfort zone. And one day you will realize you are comfortable any damn place you want to be. (Click here for ways to overcome negative thinking.)

Experiment with How to Make Yourself Feel Good

I’m not talking about masturbation. Get your mind out the gutter you dirty bird. I’m taking about simple and positive ways to enjoy yourself. Ways that connect with your deeper self. Maybe you like to play the piano but you haven’t tried since you were a kid. Maybe you love to bake but you’ve been too lazy to try new recipes. Maybe you love quiet times reading but you are always surrounded by people cause you’ve been to scared to be alone. You have to be willing to experiment and connect more with your heart than your brain. (Click here for ideas on how to feel good now.)

Keep Trying Different Jobs and Ways to Earn Money

Does your job amp you up and fuel you? Do you love the shit out of your job? If so, that is awesome. But let’s face it, most people just accept their jobs. Or even worse they completely hate it and just get through it. Why? That is what you have to ask yourself. Unless you are 100% passionate about your job; look around for other types of work. Or at least look for side income or volunteering. This will test you and help you learn about yourself. Also, it will help find other jobs you are better suited for. And very likely lead to more passion in your life through a career. (Here is a list of cool and unique jobs.)

Spend More Time Outside

Have you ever sat outside and tried to experience nature with all your senses but without thinking? This can be challenging at first. But you will get better at it with practice. Plus it will allow you to develop more personal awareness while strengthening powerful abilities we all have. Looking at nature through the senses instead of just with thought is quite beneficial. It will open up entire new levels of experience and connection for yourself.

Be Brutally Honest with Yourself About What You Want

This relates to any situation or relationship in your life. Do you live with your significant other but have been questioning the whole relationship? Does it seem easier to just stay with them instead of breaking up and hurting them in the process? These are the types of questions you need to dig deep and find answers to. That is, if you want to be more self-aware and truthful with yourself. This type of process is certainly not easy. But discovering the answers that ring true with your gut will allow you to take more deliberate action. That action will cause you to continuously move toward a life that resonates more deeply with your soul. Trust me, it is worth the effort and risk. (Click here for ideas on being more honest with yourself.)

Increasing your self-awareness is a journey that will take time and effort. If it were easy and happened over night then everyone would have peak levels of self-awareness. But if you are reading this, you are probably not the type who just wants to conform and skate through life. The desire to learn more about yourself is natural. So take that desire and make searching for personal understanding a high priority in your life. It is so common to feel like we have no control of our lives. Well this process is part of reclaiming that control. And along the way you will find your life getting increasingly better and more fulfilling.

How to Increasingly Expand Your Self-Awareness

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