“Whatever Your Mind can Conceive, and Bring Itself to Believe, It can Achieve.” Napoleon Hill

Why do some people set their mind to a dream goal and seem to easily attain it? Whether they realize it or not, they are applying the laws of manifestation. And you can apply steps to deliberately get big results in similar ways. The overall ideas behind manifestation are fairly simple. Yet mastering their magic can be tricky.

Decide and Visualize

Choose a goal and practice visualizing it in your life. Maybe you want to earn a million dollars in the next five years. Or you may just want to feel more peace and happiness. Either way, decide what you want and take time to visualize what it will be like to have that in your life. How will your life be better when you earn that million dollars? What new experiences will you be able to enjoy when you have all that money? Deciding and imagining it all will start the process of seeing the possibilities in all areas of your life.

Be Deliberate about Your Thinking

Let’s say you decided you want to be a movie star. You start to visualize and think about that all the time. But you find your go to thoughts being mostly negative and self-deprecating. Well those negative thoughts will get in the way of you manifesting your dreams into reality. Now you don’t want to get upset about having negative thoughts cause that will just perpetuate more negative thoughts. Instead, take time to notice your negative thoughts, push them aside and replace them with optimistic, encouraging thoughts. After continued practice you will find yourself waking up and intentionally thinking beautiful, uplifting thoughts.

Apply Affirmations

A simple way to replace negative thoughts is with affirmations. Pick affirmations that make you feel good. “I am happy to have money continuously flow to me from multiple sources,” is a simple one for manifesting more financial freedom. There are so many online and you can always create your own. (Click here for 101 free affirmations.)

Meditate to Manage the Monkey Mind

Do you ever find yourself worrying and thinking in circles? This is very common but also very manageable. Just meditating even five minutes a day can immensely help with this. Studies report meditating is most effective in the morning or just before bed. It’s a very simple and free way to chill out your mind and body. (Click here for a free guided meditation.)

Connect Your Mind to Your Heart

Maybe what you think you want right now is not actually the best for you. A good way to test this is to check in with how you feel around your pursuit of whatever it may be. When you are working toward, say becoming a lawyer, does it cause you extra stress, anxiety, depression and overwhelm. If so, it’s likely your heart may be trying to tell you to search for success in a different direction. I personally found this out the hard way after years of heart-ache, struggle, depression and lack of income. (Click here for tips on finding your passion.)


Act Like Your Dreams Have Already Been Reached

As a kid, can you remember dreaming about what you wanted for Christmas? Didn’t it feel good to walk around imagining that brand new bike Santa would put under the tree? Then when you got it you were still extra excited, right? Well, apply that same simple concept to your big dreams and goals you have now. You don’t have to believe in Santa but you do have to believe that it is possible for you to get whatever you desire. It is meant to be exciting. Have some fun with it!

Commit to and Trust the Process of the Universe

You will manifest whatever you emit energetically. So if you always feel like there is not enough money, you’re stressed about money, you feel you can’t get ahead financially. Guess what? That is what you will experience. Even if you are thinking that you want to be rich and live in a big house. Thoughts matter but your emotions and deep seated beliefs matter more in the process of manifestation. So work to trust that you can and will have anything and everything your heart desires. The more you believe that, the more goodness you will manifest.

These are merely some of the key elements to being able to manifest anything you want. The top three elements are, as follows. Focus on your thoughts being optimistic and directed toward things you truly desire. Then aim to feel amazing with how much better your life will be once you are living those dreams. Next, take continuous action toward those dream goals becoming a physical reality. And finally, repeat those three steps. It is all quite simple yet can be challenging to execute. We all have this innate power inside of us, though. So what are you waiting for?  Start to develop the skills to master the magic of manifesting anything you want right now!



Master the Magic of Manifestation

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