Is eating more healthy foods more expensive than a traditional American diet? It depends where you shop and what you eat. It appears very possible to eat a more healthy diet while saving money. It may take some effort but in the end, you’ll be glad you did it. Here are some ways anyone can get more healthy on a budget.

More Plant-Based More Often

Incorporating more fruits, vegetables and whole grains in a simple and obvious way to eat better. You can quickly feel better when you replace some of your unhealthy choices with these better ones. And it is ultimately cheaper to buy ingredients for a salad instead of burgers and fries. (Plant-based restaurant list in LA)

Regularly Eat at Home

Society has conditioned us to think we don’t have time to prepare meals in our own kitchens. That does not seem to be true. Start to take the time to prepare your own foods at home more. And you will find more time, energy and money when you mostly prepare healthy, nutrient rich foods. Plus the food will taste better simply cause you put in the energy to make it.


Less Snack Time

Snacks are fun, tasty and enjoyable right?! Well most of what we snack on is dead food with not nutrition. All the cookies, chips, doughnuts and white breads seem good in the moment. But they actually drain you of your energy. Is it worth it to feel more tired, lazy and less productive?

Take Food on the Go

This is a discipline that will that some focus to implement in your regular life. If you are going to be out and about all day…take a meal and some healthy snacks with you. Then you’ll eat stuff that will fuel you throughout your day. You will then spend less money on random meals that will drain you of your vitality.

Adjust the Proportions of Your Meals

Do you eat 10 ounces of meat with just about every meal? That has become fairly normal but our bodies typically function much better when that is tweaked. Try eating mostly vegetables, grains and fruit with just a bit of meat. The key here is to experiment and notice how your body reacts to different proportions of varied foods.

Hit up Farmer’s and Asian Markets

Whole foods or Erewhon are wonderful health food stores but super high priced. Instead hit up your local farmer’s market or asian food market. You will get very similar products much cheaper that are more fresh in some cases. Plus it can be fun and exciting to discover unique fruits and vegetables at these types of markets.

Less Sweets, Sodas and Energy Drinks

It is easy to think these types of treats actually give you energy. You might wake up a big from a Red bull but it certainly won’t last. This can be hard to change. I am getting better at this one but I used be horrible about it. But it will be great for you to shift out of the habit of always having sweet sugary treats. Replace these with healthy alternatives: a home made fruit parfait, celery and hummus or trail mix with no added sugars are some of my favorites. And coffee, tea, smoothies or fresh juice are great ways to go for drinks. (These are some of the healthiest snacks around.)

Enjoy Meatless Meals More Often

When was the last time you had a meal with no meat? Most of us feel meal is not complete without some dead animal meat on the plate. Well, how about try just one meal per week that has no meat? This will allow you to be more creative with foods you eat. Plus it will encourage you to find more healthy alternatives to meat. There are many ways to get lots of protein from plant-based sources. (Click here for ideas)


Continuously Learn About Healthy Food

It is common to think you don’t have the time or energy to learn about how to eat healthy. Truth is, all you need is an internet connection and a bit of effort. There are tons of websites, youtube videos, blogs, etc. just about eating well. Do yourself a favor and explore more of those. You will be amazed with home easy and simple it can be to eat tasty food for good health without breaking the bank. (Here’s some of the best and cheapest.)


Eating more healthy doesn’t have to be stressful, expensive and daunting. Starting small is always a good way to go with making lasting change. I started by having a regularly having a salad. Now I’ve been vegetarian for seven months. You have the information and the ability to get the better foods. The question is, do you want to increase your health by saving money? Just slight tweaks in your will power and habits will lead to a longer more beautiful life. And you might as well save a bit of money while you are at it.

Great Ways to Eat Better on a Budget

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