We all want more in our lives right? Be it more money, love, travel, connections or anything really. It all sounds wonderful and appealing. But how do you actually think about the abundance and all that you want in life? Maybe you’re focusing on the lack in your situation or the impossibility of you getting that lifestyle you long for. Well here are some ways to avoid those pitfalls and create continuous abundance in your life.

Declutter Your Living Space

Recently, I did this on an extreme level. And I must say I feel incredible for it. Surprisingly, just having clutter around you can cause stress, anxiety and overwhelm. What’s wild is that you won’t even realize this is happening until you change it. Maybe consider, taking old clothes to the good will. Or throwing out extra crap in your closets, on your counters, or in your drawers that you never use. (Here is a clip from an encouraging documentary on minimalism. Full movie is free on Netflix)

Get Some Gratitude

In short, connecting with true deep felt gratitude can be hard. “Fake it ’til ya make it’ can apply to gratitude. What if you put more time into saying affirmations and keeping a gratitude journal? The more this becomes normal for you, the more you will end up feeling grateful for the simple stuff. Most people around the world are truly less fortunate than you or I in more ways than one. (Click here for some awesome gratitude quotes.)

Share More Often

What would I share you wonder? You could share your potato salad, your favorite book, a compliment or a generous tip. Get creative. The simple truth is when you share more, other people will share with you more. You might even share your time and volunteer somewhere. Embracing this concept more and more can start to feel quite good. Plus you’ll welcome abundance in all other areas of your life.

Notice Your Mindset

What is your go to mindset? Do you go through your day angry, frustrated or depressed? Gaining control of your mindset is not only possible but massively impactful for your future. Aim to see more optimism, more possibility and more opportunity around you. This one can be under appreciated and over judged. Simply not taking yourself or your life as serious makes this much easier to pull off. Remember the old saying, “what goes around, comes around.”? Well I know that was about bad shit. But it can apply to being positive with your mindset too. The more light, positive and upbeat you are; the more people around you will be as well. Plus you’ll open up more flow of abundance and connection to greater outcomes.

Dream & Push to Actually Believe

You must dream big and imagine those dreams being your reality. The more you have fun with this the better. When you have fun with this, then you will feel amazing. The more often you do, the more spectacular situations and things you’ll attract to your life. You should also stretch your idea of what is possible. Create a list of goals with ‘moonshot thinking’. This video will inspire you to make massive ‘moonshot’ goals.

Get Quietly Excited

You want to get to where you feel really good most of the time. At the same time, you don’t want to throw that in everyone’s face. Have you ever been depressed and had to deal with someone overly happy? It makes you feel shitty or angry. Instead, be nice and friendly to enhance people’s mood without bragging about your own. Developing a quiet, joyful confidence will draw more and more good people into your life.

Be Conscious of Your News and Entertainment

Have you ever noticed that new, movies and shows tend to leave us full of fear, dread and hopelessness? This is partly intended to keep us down and disempowered. Well you can be more deliberate about where you get your news and entertainment. Why not watch things that leave you excited, positively moved and inspired? Watch this specatular TED talk for just that type of response.


Today we live in a world with far more obvious abundance than even just 20 years ago. That means, we have far more opportunities that ever before. Anyone can examine a problem, and find real world solutions for it. Nowadays you can start a company more cheaply and easily than ever before. Keep in mind what an incredible time period we live in and how exponentially expansive everything around us is. Push to find more passion and abundance and you will be unstoppable.

How to Have a Continuous Flow of Abundance

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