Alright, we made it to another new year. Do you ever start off a new year with big ideas and goals but before you know it March comes and you have lost your motivation? Well attempting new things certainly takes effort but in many cases it doesn’t take long before those things become your new norm. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a new norm where you experience less stress, more vitality, and happiness…and better physical health in general? Here are some simple tips to get you there.

1) Eat More Clean and Light

When was the last time you had a tasty salad filled with hearty vegetable goodness? One salad per day as an entire meal is a simple, energy increasing way to get your physical health moving in the right direction. You certainly don’t need much time or money to have one salad per day. Or it’s easy to mix up your veggies  by blending them with fruit in a smoothie. It is also helpful to pay more attention to how much you eat at once. If you are feeling like you need a nap after every meal…well you certainly should aim to eat less. Plus eating less meat in general can increase your energy because meat requires a lot of you bodies effort to be digested.

2) Lift More Weights

The old exercise paradigm says that jogging is everything. Well new fitness studies prove that weight lifting and muscles are the true engines to youth. That’s right muscles lead to anti-aging. Developing a weight lifting routine or tweaking an existing one will have massive benefits for you. Don’t fall into that fear that you will get big, burly, bulky muscles if you lift weights. That is only for those that live an extreme body building lifestyle. Basic weight lifting 2 to 4 times a week will tone your existing muscles and create major balance throughout your entire body.

3) Sleep Enough

“I’ll sleep when I’m dead mentality,” is going to leave you dead much sooner than those who get 6 – 8 hours of sleep per night. Typically if you are not getting 6 to 8 hours you are depriving yourself and will suffer negative consequences…increased stress, fatigues, mood swing and feeling less than stellar. Letting your body and mind rest and recover from long days is crucial to a quality life. You may feel like your schedule if too packed to fit in extra sleep but if you find time for proper sleep than you will be more effective when you are up and at ’em.

4) Cut Down on Your Drinking

This one has always gotten me. With all the ads making life look so much better with alcohol and with so many people who drink regularly and heavily…it can be insanely challenging to get control of this one. Especially with it being considered this casual social lubricant. It took me until only more recently in my life to get a handle on drinking. You should aim to drink only socially or commit to only having 2 drinks per week. Trust me, you will thank yourself for developing the self control. If you are worried about the social aspects…trust that any true friends of yours won’t care if you drink or not. Plus it’s fun and creative to aim to socialize outside of bars. Try this link for ways to more easily cut back on your drinking.

5) Find Joy in Simplicity
Have you ever sat in a park with the birds chirping and the sun shining on you but all you could think about was work or bills or that jerk who cut you off in traffic? Well from now on, aim to push those monkey brain thoughts aside to make room for more joy, peace and relaxation. This can take a but of effort but it can help in most any situation: washing the dishes, driving to the airport, reading a book or listening to music. Find more joy on a regular basis and you will not only feel much better right now but you’ll also live longer than those unfortunate folks who never find the time for such simple pleasures.

6) Connect with Something Beyond Merely Yourself

This concept can quickly get quite complicated yet it doesn’t necessarily have to be. For most of my life, I tried to focus on others. Mostly wanting to connect and understand people more. The problem was that I was so consumed by my own fears, doubts and anxieties that I ultimately was only focused on me. Things slowly started to shift for me when I began to connect more with travel, nature and new knowledge. This type of searching eventually lead to my connection to a bigger picture of the world and universe at large. Now you don’t have to be spiritual or religious. You could find more meaning in the wonderment of nature, the details of science, creativity of music or just the connection to your family. Regardless finding a source of meaning outside of just you has lasting positive effects on your life. It will increase your overall livelihood, longevity and development.

In our busy lives it is easy to just go through the motions and sleep when we can and eat whatever processed foods are around. Well the more you keep these fairly simple tips in mind…the better you will feel, the healthier you will be, the better you will look and the longer you will live. You truly have the ability to take more control of your day and how you feel even if it doesn’t seem like it right now. Make quality physical health a priority and you will quickly see how much it really is worth the effort.

6 Easy Tips to Feel Better and Live Longer

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    Great tips Jeremy! Very simple and practical 🙂 Keep up the great posts!


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