Have you gone through years of experiencing unmet expectations? Are you trying to move past your internal pain but not seeing any results? Have you considered ayahuasca? When I first learned about it, I became obsessed with gaining an understanding of the details and getting to Peru to experience it first hand. Could you have a transformational experience on it as well?

Prepare Physically
Ayahuasca can take a very unique toll on your body. The more you prepare somatically, the more expansive of a journey the medicine will likely allow you to have. Weeks before any ayahuasca ceremony, you should reduce you consumption of sugars, processed foods and meats. Increase your intake of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains while exercising more. It is also recommended to fast for at least one full day the week prior to your ceremony. (Click for more details on preparing you body)

Prepare Mentally
Whether you’ve taken entheogens/psychadelics in the past or been stone cold sober your entire life; ayahuasca needs to be taken seriously to create the most healing effects. It has long been considered a medicine for a reason. And it is said to heal what you are ready to have healed in that moment. Is it even right for you in the first place? What are the pros and cons for you? Is it too extreme? Should you wait a year or more to do it? Strongly ponders these and other questions. Meditate on it. Talk to others about it. Maybe you can break through your pain in a less intense fashion. If  you decide to go down the ayahuasca trail…then be sure to steadily prepare your mind for the experience.

Trust in the Medicine and the Process
“This is bullshit. I’m totally skeptical of it but I guess I’ll try it anyway.” If this is your stance on Ayahuasca, then don’t waste your time. If instead you can see that, this may truly move you past suffering and connect with some clarity around where you should head in your life…then go with that instinct. Watch this documentary to give you a detailed story of an initial skeptic, “Stepping into the Fire.” Faith has always been a loaded word for me that brings up tons of religious baggage. Yet I was able to find faith in ayahuasca breaking me free of my inner suffering even though I didn’t know or understand how. Search for faith and trust that this will create the breakthrough you need.

Go to Peru to Experience it
The amazonian rainforest is where this brew originated 1000’s of years ago. And shamans who are descendants of those who first concocted it were raised in that region. Their unique wisdom, knowledge, and connection to ayahuasca are unparalleled. You can find other countries to take it in. But an ayahuasca ceremony in Peru will give you more of a connection to the roots of the brew and therefore a deeper connection to the roots of your soul. If you are serious about experiencing ayahuasca, do yourself a favor and get to Peru. Even if that means maxing out your credit cards and spending all your money like I did.

Choose a Safe and Comfortable Setting
Have you ever gotten high at a party where you already felt uncomfortable and you just started freaking out with paranoia? Then a week later you smoke the same weed at home alone and feel incredible. Well it is far more important to find a setting where you can comfortably ride the wave of the journey without worrying about who is around you, what they’ll think, how they might mess with you…when on ayahuasca. I found etnikas.com and when I first walked onto the property I felt a sense of warmth and peace. The property is so beautiful, peaceful and simple. The staff are truly there to serve you and show you the best experience possible. There are trained nurses there throughout to insure a safe and healthy experience.

Have Specific Intentions

As I said, the more serious you take this, the more of a profound experience you are likely to have. Ayahuasca is by no means a recreational ‘drug’. In fact, I’ll reiterate that is is an ancient medicine. It is highly beneficial to write out a specific intention for your ceremony. What type of healing are you looking for? What type of questions do you most need answered? Do you want to break out of depression? Would you like to overcome resentment about your father? Are you longing for more meaning to life in general? Pick one or two intentions to help guide the outcome of your experience.

Keep Your Eyes Closed and Your Heart Open

The core of ayahuasca and its’ mysterious power is on a nonphysical level. To get the most out of what these realms have to offer you; you must keep your eyes closed the entire time. This may seem scary and weird. Being scared is normal. But have you ever been on a roller coaster and as you go down a big drop, you clench your stomach and tighten your whole body? What about when you let your body relax and go with the flow?…that allows you to enjoy the experience more. So aiming to be as relaxed as you can and surrender to the medicine is hugely beneficial. By surrender, I just mean, telling yourself and the ayahuasca, “Okay, aya, this is what I came all this way for…I’m not sure what to expect but I trust you will guide me to some profound healing. Take me where you feel I need to go.”

When pondering whether or not to do ayahuasca, there are many things to consider. If you decide it is right for you, then the seven points covered here will help create a lasting and meaningful experience. There have already been numerous studies on the profound impact of the medicine.  Please contact me directly with any questions.


How to Create a Life Changing Ayahuasca Experience

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