You ever get super into singing and rocking out in your car? Well it’s incredible how embracing simple moments like that can hook you back into your carefree childlike side. You may wonder if you can connect with that side anytime or anywhere? That seems to depend on what you are doing at the time.

Get Curious and Full of Wonder
See that squirrel scurry up the tree trunk carrying a tiny acorn…what is that squirrel’s life like? How cozy is her home in the tree? Does she have cute squirrel babies? Who is she dating or is she single? These type of questions of wonder can not only be fun, silly and enjoyable but they can cause you to engage your imagination in new ways. Kids are fantastic at this.

Cut Loose to Music
Throughout my life, music has been some of the best therapy every. Starting back when I was suffering through adolescent angst. I would jam out to Nirvana, Metallica or Pantera in my room and go a bit wild and goofy. Now there’s a wide array of different bands and songs that I find will connect me to that excited and imaginative childlike side. What are some songs you used to love as a kids that you haven’t heard in a long time? Look ’em up on Spotify and embrace their goodness. Be sure to dance and sing along for the best results. And even if someone’s watching, who care…just get into the flow of the tunes.

Be More Playful and Light-Hearted
Throughout your day, make more of an effort to share your sense of humor and silliness. Whether it be with store clerks, people in elevators or co workers. That type of energy is infectious and as you notice people around you respond positively to your effort; then you’ll feel better and younger as a result. Turn it into a game in your mind. If you make the person smile…you win! And then maybe gamification becomes a regular part of your life.

Forget About Money or Being Cool
When a kid is out playing in the woods with his friends…is he concerned with the time of day or his bank account or what everybody is thinking about him? No way, he’s in the moment with freedom and fun in his heart. While things are certainly more complex for us as adults, you still can learn to embrace this simple idea. You know those moments when you spontaneously go completely unfiltered? Moments that happen naturally without you thinking about it. Those spontaneous filter free moments are the essence of your inner child. Plus those moments are more in tune with your true self than the part of you who is trying to be cool or worried about looking stupid.

Do Something You Haven’t Done Since You were a Kid

When did you last climb a tree, color in a coloring book or play a board game? Whatever activities used to bring you joy as a kid can still bring you joy. It may surprise you how simple this one is. So dust off that old frisbee, kite or roller blades…it’s overdue for you to soak up the childlike goodness within you. Oh and no judgement if you still actually have roller blades. I threw my out years ago cause I was the worst rollerblader in history. But check out the best rollerblader in history.

Turn off Your Phone and Go Old School

Nowadays it’s hard to imagine your phone not being in your pocket every second. But leaving the phone at home to experience something different can be quite freeing. Even just for an hour. Let’s say you go to the park to read a book, meet a friend for coffee, ride a bike or even write in a journal. These type of simple activities can be far more rewarding when we separate from out digital stimuli. You may go through a bit of phone withdrawal anxiety but you’ll be better for it. You just might end up being more creative and more easily able to tap into your inner child.



Spend Time Around Kids
Now I’m not saying you should become that weird creep standing at the edge of the playground staring at the kids. I merely mean, find positive ways to interact with kids. You could volunteer at a school. Bookpals is a fantastic program for reading to kids in schools. You like soccer….coach a middle school soccer league. You have young nieces or nephews, well find time to play with them more. If you learn to enjoy time with children, you’re gonna set free that side of you that’s been looking to get out and play.

Connecting with your inner child can and should be fun and easy. Like most things, the more you consciously look to embrace it…the more it will start to be an effortless and enjoyable part of what you experience on a regular basis. So let me ask you, what song are you about to go jam out to? For some suggestions on that, check out the song list on the free stuff page.

Best Ways to Connect with Your Inner Child

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