How often do you take action feeling mega motivated, extra excited, and full of pure passion? Being in these states of mind throughout the day is not necessarily the norm for most people. Yet what I wonder is…why not? And who says that can’t be the norm? Below are some steps you can take to help get you to this type of empowered action that will lead to you expanding your life in many varied ways.


1. Now is Always Better              

Forget waiting until next month, next year or next century…now is the time. It will never feel like the perfect time. How much have you procrastinated in you life? Procrastination has been called ‘the killer of dreams’. If you start today on that dream goal of yours, then you are keeping it alive. The sooner you start, the quicker you will be living that dream that is now only a faint image in your head.


2. Set a Big Goal

Most people set their sights too low in life. Instead, set a big, high level goals and you will have more to get excited about. And ultimately you’ll have more to accomplish. You may get super scared about big dreams but being scared will help you to move out of your comfort zone and try new things. If you say, “oh shit, how am I gonna perform live at Madison square garden one day?”. Well the point is that now you put that big dream goal out there. The how isn’t the most important aspect. To start, just try to get excited about your dreams. If you truly want whatever it is than as you take steps toward it, things will start to come together to make that goal a reality.


3. Celebrate Even the Smallest Wins

After finishing the first 10 pages of your script, treat yourself to some ice cream. You built part of you website for your new business…relax for a bit and watch some tv. As you take more action, you get more shit done. And it seems you can and should feel good when you get even little results that only you see. When you continue this way, your confidence builds and fuels you to take even more action. Be careful with this one though; don’t go over board and get drunk every time you send an email.


4. Think about Pleasing Your Future Self

Maybe you don’t want to take action cause there’s a basketball game you want to go see with your friends. Or maybe you just want to watch that new special on Netflix. Well instead imagine yourself in a year enjoying dinner with friends after your big goals were achieved. How good will it feel to share details of your new business while having lots of extra money in the bank?


5. Share What You are up to with Someone

Just sharing what you are working toward can have a huge impact on your determination and energy you put toward it. This is especially true with someone who is supportive and encouraging. Find at least one person in your life who will motivate you to take action in the direction of your dreams. It’ll be even more impactful if they hold you accountable.


6. Increase Your Will Power 

This will raise your personal stakes and begin to create regular routines in your day that are more healthy and beneficial. Look at any massively successful person…Michael Jordan, Elon Musk, or Jack White. These type of people have high levels of self-discipline because they work hard while looking toward delayed gratification. Building your will power is not easy but it is like a muscle and gets easier with more effort and practice.


7. No Need to Compare Yourself 

How much time have you wasted comparing yourself to this girl or that guy? Everybody does this but for every rich and famous person you compare yourself to…there are billions of other people who have far worse lives than you do. So being more aware of the varied degrees of lifestyles around the globe will help you cultivate more overall understanding. At the same time, this will help you be more grateful for where you are and get more excited with where you will end up as you continue to take empowered action. You could also aim to see what someone successful has achieved and be impressed and appreciative for what they have done because you can learn a lot from them. And that alone is a beautiful thing to cultivate as well.


There is a whole new year just around the corner and that is one of the best times to up your action game. It doesn’t have to be hard and painful to move toward your big dreams. Not to say it’s gonna be easy but… A year from now, you could be looking back on today with gratitude for how you made it a priority to push toward empowered action being a normal part of your routine. Or you could be in very much the same position as right now feeling disappointed and stressed while wondering…why this?, why that?, why me? Well, the choice truly is yours. We live in a rich and abundant universe. So go out and get some of that abundance.


7 Steps to Taking Empowered Action

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