Do you ever notice how some people seem naturally more relaxed, happy and at peace than just about everyone else? Is it easy for you to always feel comfortable in your own skin? For most of my life I was desperately trying to just not feel depressed, scared and full of anxiety. Yet I’ve found that inner peace is not some holy grail at the top of a Tibetan mountain you need to become a monk to enjoy. It is something we can all learn to experience and appreciate, no matter where you live or what you do for a living. Here are some wonderful ways you can get there.

1. Get Some Nature Baby.
When was the last time you went out and enjoyed being in nature? With our busy modern lives, it’s easy to forget the impact and importance nature has on us. Even just going to a local park and being near more trees feels better. Or how about going on a hike where at some point you stop and notice subtle details around you… the smell of the plants, the chirping of birds, the coolness of the dirt from the ground sifting through you fingers. A little can truly go a long way with embracing nature.


2. Connect with Your Natural Sense of Humor.
Do you like to laugh? Who doesn’t right. Well many of us get caught up in our stressful lives to where we forget our playful senses of humor. Make a point to be more light hearted and humorous with those around you…as well as yourself. This alone can create lots of joy and peace within you. A great place to help this area is by watching more comedy. There is so much hilarious stand-up online.  Have you seen  Theo Von’s latest special? This dude cracks me the hell up. Just his voice and how he tells stories is the best. Simply laughing more is a glorious thing. Stop watching as much stuff that terrifies you or freaks you out and makes you think the world is just scary and dangerous.

3. Notice and Express Emotions Instead of Bottling Them Up.
It is so easy to be reactive with our emotions and how we respond to situations around us. Most people just accept the way they have reacted to things since they were super young. What do you do if you continuously get mad at your boss? Maybe start by finding a new hobby. Let’s say you go to the shooting range or take boxing lessons. Then you channel the bullshit from your boss out through that activity.  Just noticing your own emotions and finding healthy ways to express them is a great start.

4. Make Time for You to be Alone.
This could be you meditating for 10 minutes a day. Or it could be just you calmly listening to music. Possibly even you just sitting in silence and evaluating your day and aiming to learn from your recent experiences. The power of sitting and doing nothing while being just fine with doing nothing can be quite profound.


5. Don’t Stress So Much.

Is being majorly stressed a necessary part of life? I certainly think not. The more you find ways to minimize your stress…the more you will be able to find ways to connect with relaxation and peace. Chances are those things that are stressing you out are not as important or serious as you think. Ask yourself this question, “Will this even matter in a year?”.

6. Accept Responsibility.
Who is most responsible for your inner peace and happiness? It can be very difficult to merely accept that it is you who is most responsible for your own ability to find peace. Certainly there are circumstances in life beyond our control but you have far more control over your wellbeing than you probably realize. Wanting it is one thing but you have to work at it as well to find it and maintain a loving peaceful life.
7. Step into Another Person Shoes.
How often do you take on the role of another person in your life? Meaning really thinking about what it would be like to be that other person. Either your server at lunch or your cousin or you best friend. We hear about this but we don’t often practice it. Try to think more about what people around you are truly going through in their lives. Why is she so stressed out all the time? What can I do to make her life a bit easier? As you work this muscle, you’ll cultivate more compassion and gratitude which will give you an overall better understanding of people in your life.


8. Look Toward the Future with the Dreams of Child.
When was the last time you daydreamed about your future and got goosebumps of excitement? This is something we can all reconnect with and it becomes very fun and enjoyable. Daydreaming about your future in a positive way allows you to be more creative, more motivated, more happy and empowered. This will significantly increase your entire state of being in that moment and will give you energy to try new things in your life.


9. Inspect your Nutrition and Fitness. 

Pay closer attention to what you eat and how often you break a sweat. Simply eating more fruits, vegetables and whole grains can increase your health on so many levels. Toss in breaking a sweat a few times a week or more and you will be well on the way to feeling better inside.

Now you have a more clear idea of my frame work of varied ways to find inner peace. Are any other possibilities popping up in your head? There really are endless ways you can find to feel spectacular. If you simply start with a couple little shifts in your daily routine…things can quickly build momentum. From there, you will find new ways to feel magnificent as you explore more creative approaches to seeing and interacting with the world.


9 Simple Ways You Should be Finding Inner Peace

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  • December 15, 2016 at 6:18 am

    These are all great ideas Jeremy! Great to take the time to think about this stuff more. Thank you.


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