Hi. I’m Jeremy and I created LifeEvolvingEveryDay.com in 2016 with the intention of it becoming a blend of cutting edge advice, approaches and tools that will contribute to your personal evolution in all areas of your life.

And to add to that concept, I’m committed to giving you more content. So I’m not creating and sharing 5 new videos per week and 3 new articles per week.

And each of these 5 videos will cover a specific topic in 5 different areas.

1) Mindset, Thought & Emotions. 2) Money, Success & Freedom. 3) Nutrition, Fitness & Physiology. 4) Consciousness, Spirituality & Metaphysics. 5) Social Intelligence & Communication Skills.

And should you choose to join me on this journey, you’ll discover inspiration and wisdom that will help to connect you with your true self. And it will also help to guide you to authentically accomplishing anything you want.

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In the meantime, thanks for stopping by and here’s to your life and my life…evolving every day.

Where To Begin:

Testimonials On The Lasting Impact Of Jeremy’s Coaching:
  “Jeremy’s coaching style is very authentic and empowering. He’s great at getting you to see new possibilities. His knowledge, experience and wisdom seem to go far beyond his years.”Andy Delacruz, Entrepreneur


“It is said that your inner greatness will shine brighter when you are around extraordinary people…I feel Jeremy is one of those people. I now work far less hard with much better results.” Travis Zukry, Real Estate Agent


“From first talking with Jeremy it was like I’d known him for ages. His amazing authenticity, understanding and selflessness helped show me how to connect with my own version of that.” Colton Wyatt, Restaurant Manager


“I am now more in tune with who I am and who I desire to be. Plus I’m experiencing more clarity & purpose than ever. Thanks Jeremy.” Jennifer Yurtes, Business Consultant